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WhAT IS the Non Serviam Media Collective?

a cooperative and a network, dedicated to expanding the representation of liberatory ideas in media

For over 6 years NSM has been a small anarchist and anti-authoritarian multi-media project producing a number of documentary video interview series, live events, and podcasts.
We have hosted thinkers from various backgrounds and all across the liberatory and anti-authoritarian ideological spectrum over the years, and we seek to continue ever-broadening our scope of coverage. While most of the Non Serviam Crew is sympathetic to mutualist and individualist tendencies, it has always been our goal to prioritize and platform any-and-all thinkers and builders who share our desire for a more free, just, and beautiful world.

All are welcome!

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Like all media, we are only as successful as our reach. Connect with us everywhere online and engage with our content; like, comment, and share it with a friend or family member. Most of our content is grandma approved, so copy the link and let it rip!

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the non serviam media collective team

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Joel conceived the NSM concept back in 2015 when he envisioned a timely remake of Anarchism in America, a beloved documentary of american anarchism. Since then he has kept busy with his duties as co-founder of Non Serviam Media and host of the Non Serviam Podcast. Joel can be found on twitter at @NalevoA3

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Stephen has been on the NSM roster since the beginning. After hosting NSM's first Anarchy in Oklahoma video series he has kept busy off camera as co-founder of Non Serviam Media and general behind the scenes guy. Stephen can be found on twitter if you know where to look.

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Frank is the mind behind All Power To The Imagination. When he isn't researching, writing, or hosting NSM's first syndicated program he can be found on twitter at @mutual_ayde

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As we work to upgrade NSM from a simple media project into a true cooperative media network, we've relied on the knowledge and wisdom of a growing group of collaborators. Off mic and in the dark, the Union is working to turn NSM into a resilient and lasting cooperative media institution for the exploration and expansion of liberatory ideas, and agitation of liberatory action far into the future.

letter from the Union

We are a distributed brain-trust and working-team comprised of members and friends of the collective, tasked with turning NSM into a scalable and lasting institution. We aren't all content creators -most of us have no media experience at all- but we are all passionate about the future of free-media; specifically the future of anarchist, anti-authoritarian, and liberatory media. We believe NSM can be one of the institutions to help us secure that future.

As members of this Union we bring our various ideological and professional backgrounds to bear in shaping the future of NSM as a multi-stakeholder cooperative media network and creator incubator. Each offering our own insight and knowledge to the discussion, and contributing to the research and development that we think can ensure NSM's ability to grow and prosper well into the future.

In exchange for our labor, Union members receive the opportunity to shape the media that we love and the opportunity for full membership in the cooperative organization we are building. We are always welcome to new conspirators. If you would like to get involved you can learn more further down this page. We hope to see you in a meeting soon!


Union Working Group
Non Serviam Media Collective
the differences

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who can help

Do you lack any specific media-related technical skills, but still want to work to help NSM succeed? Do you have a passion for, or knowledge in; co-operatives, business development or administration, online publishing, social media?

what nsm will do for you

Earn the ability to shape the media you love and to earn full membership in the media organization you help build.

NSM Membership


who can help

Researchers, writers, editors, on-air talent, and a/v editors are all welcome to join our in-house production team, while existing content creators and their teams are welcome to join our network.

what nsm will do for you

For individuals and existing content alike, NSM membership offers an opportunity to connect with other content creators in cooperation to produce in-house content- link up with like minded creators and start a show with the backing of our established channels.

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